Carlos Domingues Clemente

message from the creator

Whatever the size of the company, the first concern of the leader is to sustain it. The unprecedented economic crisis , initiated in the first half of 2020 by the global health crisis, is today reinforced by the Russian-Ukrainian conflict. This situation spares no one, not even the most experienced businessman. It is therefore urgent for the entrepreneur to review his overall strategy in order to continue to create the conditions necessary for the commercial activity of his company. For many companies, the increase in the cost of raw materials, staff salaries or even energy for industrial activities will have economic repercussions such that the very existence of these companies will be compromised. Inevitably, survival will require relocation, or even a new start, to settle in countries whose prospects for economic development have become favourable.

It’s time to open up to the world and think outside the box before the ground get away under your feet!

I have been traveling regularly in sub-Saharan Africa for over 10 years, mainly in Cameroon, Central African Republic and Angola. My numerous prospecting stays allowed me to discover and understand the local socio-economic fabric, to develop a high-level qualitative relational network and to understand all the processes necessary for business creation in these countries. Based on the expertise acquired over all these years, the services offered here will provide you the tools necessary for the creation, development or reorientation of your commercial activities in the countries where we operate. However, these solutions only serve those who, like me, have understood that today, more than ever, the answer is elsewhere, far from home, from our comfort zones with an uncertain future. It’s time to reinvent yourself and work internationally, but it may not be where you imagine it…