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Who are we ?

who are we

FCI Conseil - the showcase of FCI

FCI was founded in August 2020 by Mr. Carlos Domingues Clémente. The head office is established in the Central African Republic, and domiciled at the notarial office of Maître Mbokani Abraham Pierre, Immeuble Guengoua, Avenue David Dacko – 1st arrondissement – BP 2095 in downtown Bangui.

Thanks to the Partnerships established with Expert Consultants in their fields of activity, we are able to intervene in the Central African Republic where we are physically established, in Cameroon and in Angola.

-Facilitation and International Consulting-

We offer a set of preliminary and fundamental services to investors, local business creators, as well as foreign companies and groups wishing to establish their professional activities in sub-Saharan Africa, and particularly in the countries where we are able to exercise.

Through a qualitative and high-level relationship also made up of specialist partners in their fields, as well as high-ranking decision-makers, we are able to provide you with advice, information and mediation, prior to any professional activity or business that you would like to achieve in sub-Saharan Africa. We are also business contributors.

In the project phase, we are able to assist you in defining the legal, economic and logistical frameworks for the implementation of the planned activity.

In the launch phase, we can support the start-up with a physical presence for assistance and operational monitoring.

And finally in the operational phase, we can ensure the punctual control of the compliance of your activities with regard to local legislation, your internal procedures as well as your development and profitability objectives.

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FCI - Recognized mandatary

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who are we

A strong presence for years alongside Central African dignitaries, and the constantly reiterated expression of his determination to participate in the restoration and development of the country’s economic life, the know-how as a consultant-facilitator of the founder of FCI ended up being fully recognized.

Through it, the FCI company has several ministerial mandates to research partners from all horizons and to establish partnerships with the State of the Central African Republic.

It is therefore a question of providing objective answers to your needs for prior information, and concrete and efficient assistance in the creation of your activity in the Central African Republic.

By watching the video available on the business opportunities page, you will most certainly perceive the gigantic potential offered by the economic development program. Perhaps you will identify one or more activities able to correspond to you. if so, then it’s time we got to link. Nothing could be simpler, click on the button provided for this purpose and fill in the form. We will contact you quickly.

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